Persistence of Memory


Theatre Bath *****
'an outstanding production – atmospheric, subtle, informed and compassionate, it leaves you with a final image that sticks in the mind, and a brainful of questions (not to mention a faceful of tears).'

'Fortunately, Nancy Medina’s choices are more than able to carry off both the humour and the tragedy of the piece with aplomb.'

Public Reviews ****
'The overriding success of this play lies in the emotional impact on the audience. Handkerchiefs are advised.'

A Younger Audience
'Alzheimer’s isn’t something often highlighted within the media –  Alison Farina’s new play The Persistence of Memory tackles the subject head on.'

Guide to Bath
'It's witty, clever and sad by turns... genuinely interesting theatre.'


Alma Tavern, Sept 10 -14 2013

Rondo Theatre, Sept 29 -Oct 2 2013

Spring 2014 Tour - Trowbridge Arts Centre, Bierkeller Theatre, 
Rondo Theatre, Cotswold Playhouse, The Pound

Author:  Alison Farina

Director: Nancy Medina
Designer: Natalie Remington
Lighting Designer: Luke John Emmett
Sound Designer: Ric de Mowbray

Cast: Duncan Bonner, Jenny Johns, Meghan Leslie

Producer: Butterfly Psyche

Photos by Alison Farina.