Et Tu Elvie


The Stage ***
'The idea of staging an Elvis Presley biog as told (mostly) through snippets of classic Shakespeare is a bizarre concept to say the least. To actually do it is doubly bizarre – but also a wonderful challenge, as this production from Xanadu proves. '

“Aided and abetted by director Nancy Medina, performers/musicians Peter Baker, Amy Barnes, Kate Mayne and Karl Wilson are a highly supportive ensemble.”
'a bold idea for which they deserve praise for pulling through with such charm and enthusiasm. ...there is a highly promising show bubbling under here.'

Edinburgh Spotlight ***
'Parallels between the scenes from Shakespeare and the stages of Presley’s life are clear – we follow his path every step of the way.'

Fringe Review (Recommended Show)
'The cast perform their Shakespearean scenes with commitment and this is what has the audience roaring.'



C Venues
Edinburgh Fringe Festival
July 28 - Aug 25 2014

Author(s): Nancy Medina, Peter Phillips and William Shakespeare

Director:  Nancy Medina
Musical Director(s):  Harriet Raybould and Lucy Jones
Choreographer:  Gail Gordon
Lighting Designer:  Kat Norton
Sound Designer: Ric de Mowbray
Stage Manager:  Alex Davnall

Cast: Peter Baker, Amy Barnes, Kate Mayne, Karl Wilson

Producer:  Xanadu Productions

Photos by Nick Rutter.